Chiral Nanomaterials


Natural materials possess innate handedness. However control of handedness in artificial nanomaterials is challenging due to difficulty in manufacture process.

We study a facile route to fabricate 3D chiral nanostructures with controllable optical activity without using any lithographic process or any intrinsic chiral biomaterial. The artificial chiral nanomaterials would be potentially applicable in advanced applications such as photonic devices, biosensors, and pharmaceutical applications.


Layer-by-Layer Assembly


Assembly and integration of nanomaterials are core in recent advances of nanotechnology. We employ wide spectrum of nanomaterials from 0D nanoparticles to 3D nanoarchitectures for building blocks in assembled structures.  Fabrications of electrochemical electrodes are representative example in applications.

Biomimetic Design of Ultrastrong Hybrid Nanocomposites


Living organisms exhibit extraordinary mechanical properties, such as stiffness, hardness, toughness, damping, and combination of them. We fabricate the artificial hybrid nanocomposites with highly ordered structures in micro and nanoscales. The potential application of such nanocomposites could be vibration resistant light materials for load bearing system.

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