Ph.D Candidates

4th year


Arum Jung

Research Topic : Separator and host in Li-metal battery

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304


2nd year 


Myonghoo Hwang

Research Topic : Fabrication of 3D chiral structure and plasmonic

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304



Donggeun Lee

Research Topic : Mechanical properties of aramid nanofiber

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304


1st year 


Wonseok Choi

Research Topic : Mechanical properties of bacterial nanocellulose

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304


140X180 KakaoTalk_20210507_092710555

Juyoung Yook

Research Topic : Ionic polymers and stretchable electrodes

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304



M.S. Candidates

2nd year

thumb_140x180_q3ihz5_2w2h-1a66trr_KakaoTalk20200103123122626Seran Kwak

Research Topic : Cell chirality and 3-D chiral suprastructure

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304


1st year

140X180 kakaotalk_20200512_161125911-수진Sujin Lee

Research Topic : Self assembly of block copolymer with 3-D chirality

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304


140x180 kakaotalk_20200706_161654767-e1594021008981-경연

Kyeongyeon Lim

Research Topic : Separator and host in Li-metal battery

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304



Sojeong Won

Research Topic : electrodes for stretchable Li-metal battery 

Office : Engineering Building, Room 304




Post Docter


Qysar Maqbool

Research Topic : Chiral inorganic nanoassemblies


M. S. degree


Changho Kim

Research Topic :  LBL assembly for transparent conducting films

Current position : Hanmi Pharm


140x180 KakaoTalk_20210510_150556312

Bomin kim

Research Topic : 3-D organic/inorganic hybrid nanocomplex

Current position : Lam Research



Nari Ha

Research Topic : 3-D Photoreflective nanocomposite with adhesion



140x180 kakaotalk_20210225_114129525-민경언니

Minkyung Shin

Research Topic :  Helical Block Copolymer Thin Film with Chirality

Current position : Samsung SDI



Nayeon Kim

Research Topic :  Stretchable batteries with graphene

Current position : Samsung Electronics




Jemin Jeon

Research Topic : Self assembly for PS beads monolayer

Current position : M.S candidate at Illinois State University



Jinwoo Kim

Research Topic : 3-D chiral micro pattern using buckling

Current position : M.S. candidate at KAIST


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